Monday, February 1, 2010

January in Review

It is the first day of February 2010. Someone once told me you are supposed to say "Rabbit, Rabbit" on the first day of every month. Anyone know where that comes from?

Anyway, I thought I would sum up January. It was a fruitful month. Here is some of what I accomplished:

Started a new direction on the blog.

Introduced the "In My Neighborhood Series" of fabric art pieces. I am using photos from places in Maine as a basis for my artwork. Samples: Lures, Candy Tree, Sanding Wheels

Met with two business counselors at the Penobscot County Cooperative Extension to review my business plan and set some goals for the new year. (I will be talking about this more in future posts)

Attended a business workshop hosted by Maine's Small Business Development Centers". Good to get a refresher on wholesale issues.

Started a series talking about business planning: So What's The Plan? and On a Mission. I will be continuing to talk about business planning in upcoming posts.

Received a lovely quilted wall-hanging in the mail from a friend: Heart Quilt.

Met with some business women at Maine Centers for Women, Work and Community and was invited to give a presentation (with photographer Liz Grandmaison) on using social networking in business.

Was invited as a guest speaker on Jane Haskell's "Doing Business" radio show. The topic will be marketing. The show will air live Thursday, February 4, 2010 from 10am to 11am on WERU Blue Hill 89.9FM and Bangor 102.9FM. The show will be archived, so even if you cannot get WERU on your radio dial, you will have a chance to listen to it over the internet.

I think this was a solid way to start the year and am looking forward to what February will bring!


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kimbuktu said...

Sounds like you had a profitable January, I hope February treats you to more of the same. And no, I've never heard of "Rabbit, Rabbit."