Monday, January 11, 2010

New Directions

It is that time of year--an introspective kind of season--when the cold forces a Mainer like me inside most of the time and, in lieu of twiddling my thumbs all day, I start sorting through my junk (physical and emotional). It is both an exhilarating and exhausting process. I try keeping what is good and chucking the rest. And, depending on how much energy I end up having for the process, I look forward to the rest of the year with a deeper understanding of where I have been and what I want to accomplish.

In my introspective moods, I wonder about this blog. Frankly, it seems to me to be suffering an identity crisis. I started the blog to telling other people's stories, focusing on how they use creativity to understand and rise above life's big and small challenges. I loved working with other artisans and I do not want to close the blog and lose all those wonderful stories. It seems, though, the interviews have run their course. A temporary lull? Maybe. Maybe not.

In any event, I decided to change directions a bit. I am still interested in creativity and how it informs our decisions and understanding of the world. I am, however, taking a step closer to home this year. I am making it more about my experiences of the a fabric artist, business owner, resident of Maine, woman, partner, friend. I still may do an interview now and again and reserve the right to change gears if this path does not pan out, but for now...I am heading off in a new direction...

I hope you will come along!


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ArtSnark said...

Look forward to reading more about you, your wonderful work & environment