Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Am Three Years Old Today!

Three years old on Etsy, that is!

I opened shop on 2/10/06--the weekend of one of Etsy's biggest crashes! They were a fledgling company, then, and still working out the bugs. This was before V2 and the changes and updates that have occurred over the past three years. So, why did I join? I was impressed by how responsive Etsy administration was to fixing the problem. It is easy to be professional and responsive when everything is going well. It is another to be responsive and gracious when things are going crappy.

I like to think I have grown over the past three years...not just in terms of business. I feel more comfortable in my role as business woman, artist, team member. There is a whole lot more to running one's own business--even a small one--than I knew. And I am still learning.

Actually, it is probably a good thing I did not know owning and operating a business is more complicated than working for someone else! Lots of things to learn about recordkeeping, marketing, pricing, marketing, photographing for the web, marketing, and making interesting, quality products. Oh, and did I mention marketing?

I feel like I am finally "getting it." Getting comfortable with being an artist. (I used to apologize for it). Getting comfortable with defining and sticking to an identity. (Too many choices, I did not know, at first what I wanted to make and how to implement my plan). Getting comfortable with being visible. (I am more introverted than not so being seen--both literally and figuratively--has always been a challenge for me). After doing shows, consignment, wholesale and sewing for someone else, I have, by process of elimination, decided I like working directly with my customers. I like the give-and-take that happens when small groups of people work closely together.

A "sojourn" is a "resting place along life's journey." The following (in no particular order) have been my "resting places" as I move through this life of art, cyberspace and business:

BF, Papillon, Friends and Family, Baxter State Park, Acadia National Park, The Atlantic, Thrift Stores, Women, Work and Community, Walks, Music, Art and Photography Books, Homemade Bread, Chocolate

I am grateful for all the successes and failures of the past three years--all of which have made me a better person. I look forward to unfolding whatever this new year holds in store!



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Harvest Textiles said...

Congrats! Your business has been a wonderful model to aspire towards. Keep up the good work.

Flor Larios Art said...

Congratulations! This is my first time on your blog. I like your collages.. Very relaxing...