Thursday, January 1, 2009

Journey: 2009

Today is the first day of the first month in the year 2009.

Normally, I am not particularly sentimental or excited about New Year's. Mostly, I am relieved to mark the end of the holiday season. December is too rushed and too conspicuously consumptive for my liking. I like it when things get back to a more or less predictable pace. Having said that, I did stay up last night until midnight to say good-bye to 2008--the year my beloved dog Papillon died--and welcome in 2009. Woot! Woot!

I woke this morning after not quite enough sleep feeling excited, refreshed...and ready for an early morning walk.

On a whim, I grabbed my camera as I stepped out the door. The sun was barely up and the wind had a wicked winter bite to it. I wondered what on earth compelled me to bring a camera along. It is not a day for standing around taking photographs. Still, I kind of liked the idea of taking a picture to mark the first day of this new year: something to represent "What will the New Year hold?" and all that.

I took some frozen-fingered pictures around my neighborhood. The eerie early morning light made everything sort of soft grey, tinted with winter pastels: pinks, blues, lavenders and just a touch of yellow. The streets, though, at 7am, were essentially, empty. I did see some poor creatures--dogs tied on leashes presumably for their morning pee. I passed a few cars, empty, with engines going. It was too cold to go looking for interesting things. I just snapped whatever was quickest. I did not expect much of anything in my camera.

Pleasantly, I discovered the picture I posted here. I prefer it as an abstract, so will not reveal what or where it is from. To me, this picture represents something of the delight and mystery of starting a new year fresh and unadorned. What will the New Year bring?

Almost more important than the picture itself: my first act today was a creative one.

Already, I'm lovin' the 2009 journey!

My best to you and yours--Janyce


Robin Maria Pedrero said...

I absolutely LUV this photo! Happy New Year!

Anne Vis said...

Referring to your own art: beautiful!!! Have a creative 2009!