Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Colors of A Winter Walk" Etsy Treasury

This is an Etsy treasury I curated featuring the works of some of my favorite artists:

Row 1: New Robin's Egg Felt Bangles by OnTheRound, Untitled Original Mixed Media Painting by Kristina Laurendi Havens, Winter Surf Beach Painting by David Gonville, Winter Forest by Jason Morrow;

Row 2: Multicolor Fish Carving Serving Bowl by YogaGoat Pottery, Monster Fish on Wheels by Pearson Maron, Lady Winter Print by The Meadowlark, Snow White Satin Brooch by Traxa;

Row 3: Living Community by Sea Spray Blue, Pastel Blue Baby Blanket by Threaded Expressions, Snow Ma Winter Witch by Reikima, West of Moon Print by Darkling Woods;

Row 4: Sophistication Necklace by Piano Bench Designs, Little Chickadee by Nature Mandalas, Good Company by Groundwork, Petal Rim Vase by Studio Elan

I hope you enjoy these picks as much as I do!



ontheround said...

So pretty! Thank you for including me! I'm begginging to be obsessed with treasuries...I might need an intervention if it gets much worse.

ThreadedExpressions said...

Beautiful treasury! I am honored to be included!