Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Pastel Moment Treasury

I recently curated this Etsy treasury featuring beautiful work in a pastel rainbow. Links to artisan shops are as follows:

Row 1: Hammered Circles Sterling Silver Earrings by She Dreams In Metal, Honeydew - Airy Crochet Scarf by Kind of Cool, Teal Beaded Dreaming Tree by I Am Annie M, 20 Origami Boxes by Whimsidoodle;

Row 2: Rice Bowl with Chopsticks by Blue Sky Pottery, ZiqZaq - Little Ceramic Glass or Toothpick Holder by Studiotto, Field of Blue Skies by Red Heart 13, Floating in Sand Hand Screen Printed Fabric by Hollabee;

Row 3: Rainbow Sherbert Earrings by A-moni Creations, Nest Full of Lockets by Across the Pond, Pastel Shabby Cottage Oval Pantry Boxes by The Broken House, Fleur Textile 3 Lavender Eco Flowers by So She Sews;

Row 4: Watching the Sea by Mary Ellen Golden, Waldorf Inspired Scandinavian Matryoshka Doll by Ravenhill, Mexican Terracotta Clay Brown Wide Headband by Stylish Mode, Ice Cream Cone Necklace by I'm Your Present


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Beautiful Treasury!

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