Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Too Much Thread

Can you ever have too much thread? Well, I wouldn't have thought so, but...yes! I bought a bunch...I mean a BUNCH...of thread for a project and ended up having a lot left over. So, I've started putting some in my Etsy shop for a discount. These are unused spools of thread marked below what I paid for them. I'd rather see them go to good homes and projects than to have them go to waste.

All the thread is Mettler/Metrosene silk-finished cotton thread. Some are in 547 yard (500m) spools, some in 164 yard (150m) spools. I've used miles of this thread for quilts, clothes and other projects and love it! The large spools are on sale for $2.50 (Retail $5.88) and the small spools are $1.25 (Retail $2.35). Quantities will vary.

The color numbers I have in stock at the time of this blog post are listed below.

Large spools: 884 (Linen), 915 (Lavender), 554 (Aqua), 502 (Pale Yellow), 525 (Tan), 594 (Orange), 673 (Purple), 712 (Brown), 803 (Pink), 623 (Dolphin)

Small spools: 553 (Dark Jade Green), 646 (Pink Coral), 789 (Wedgewood Blue), 684 (Dark Wedgewood), 769 (Blossom Pink), 575 (Light Lilac), 835 (Bright Geranium), 574 (Violet), 649 (Pink), 528 (Brown)

This is a "destash," so once the spools are gone, they're gone! I won't be repeating this offer.

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Peg said...

I have tons of thread but never seem to have the right color. Off to check out your shop! Thanks!