Friday, October 2, 2009

The Siren Song of Creative Energy

Recently, I took a walk along the rocky coast of Maine. "Downeast" on a foggy, eerie day with the wind blowing, the mist getting in my eyes, and only the sounds of the ocean: a lobster boat puttering by, a fog horn, a bell bouy. I was in heaven, I am sure of it! I could have stayed there all day.

I grabbed a few pictures to share with you--some textures of Maine. I am sure they will crop up in my artwork at some point or other (if they haven't already).

The more I look at my surroundings, the more I see and the more I understand how richly inspirational my environment is. I am drawn to the shapes and colors and textures of my apartment, my neighborhood, my city, the forests, oceans, lakes and streams of my state--an endless array of offerings and discoveries.

The forest, mountains, ocean and fields are, in a sense, the siren song for my creative energy. They inform the way I move through the world: my thoughts, my words, my creative endeavors, my actions, my way of being in and moving through the world.

So much more to see and discover. I feel very fortunate to live in Maine.



Julie-ann Bowden said...

Oh wow, thank you for sharing your adventure, looks positively heaven!
So pleased you had this special day.

buddha-builder said...

Beautiful to see, and to be reminded...I used to live in the area 30 years ago.