Monday, June 8, 2009

Hiking My Way to The Traveler

I have done two hikes this spring toward my goal of hiking "the Traveler" in Baxter State Park at the end of the summer. It is a 10+ mile loop over three different mountain ridges. The trail pretty much kicked my butt last year. I am resolved not to let a bunch of rocks and dirt get the best of me.

The first hike of the season for me was one up the North Ridge of Cadillac Mountain, down to the Gorge Trail, up Dorr Mountain and back to the Park Loop Road.

This picture was taken near the top of Cadillac overlooking Bar Harbor, Maine:

Not sure if this was on Cadillac or Dorr, but it will give you another view:

Here is me after climbing the North Ridge to Cadillac and starting down the trail that leads into the Gorge and then back up Dorr Mountain:

The following are pictures taken on the second hike. We explored the Sargent Mountain area (on the Northeast Harbor side of Acadia National Park). The trail took us through the woods and along a stream. Beautiful! (BF took these in black and white).


Kim said...

So beautiful! LOVE the tree picture. What fun!

Tiffany Chase said...

Acadia is such a beautiful place, I love to visit whenever I can. I especially love the trail that goes around Jordan Pond...gorgeous.

Harvest Textiles said...

Yay for hiking. BF took some great pics. Looking forward to seeing them all.