Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Interview with Barbara Giordano

It is something artists I talk with say quite frequently: I stumbled upon my craft. I was not planning on being a painter or quilter or writer or artisan. Something happened. A chance occurrence, perhaps, or a phrase or word of encouragement from an unexpected person, or maybe a need for something that did not previously exist and the creative juices started flowing. Yet, not everyone hears this calling. Not everyone has the foresight or insight or courage to follow an artistic path.

I looked up "chance" in the dictionary. The first part of its definition spoke to the randomness, the unexpected and unpredictable associations we have with the word. As I kept reading, however, I encountered these phrases which deepen the word's meaning for me: an opportunity; a fortuitous event; the likelihood of an event; probability.

So, what is it in the life of an artist that sets the stage for such fortuitous events as discovering paint or clay or fabric or pen and ink? And then, further, recognizing opportunity when it knocks, and actually doing something with these materials: splashing or molding or shredding or scribbling--taking action when others might let self-doubt or disinterest override the impulse to take materials in hand and make something from pieces and scraps and parts?

I do not know that I have the answers to these questions. What I do know is that, by chance, I met Barbara Giordano through the magic of the internet. She is a jewelry maker and artist. I had the opportunity to talk with her about her life and work. A fortuitous event indeed!

Barbara is the creative inspiration behind two websites: Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs and Off The Cuff Art.

"The first website I launched," Barbara tells me, "is Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs. I make awareness and healing gemstone jewelry." Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs features made by hand beaded jewelry and gifts including meaningful awareness designs, artwork pendants, and healing gemstone adornments for body and soul. "I have a signature line of adoption jewelry which is very successful."

"Although art has always been of interest to me," Barbara continues, "I didn't think of myself as an artist until fairly recently. By chance I began drawing and painting. I wanted a special logo for my website. I love sunflowers and faeries or fantasy art. I decided to take a stab at drawing the image that came into my mind, which was a sunflower fairy. I liked the way the drawing turned out. It didn't end up as a logo but a motivator for me to continue with drawing."

"I'm primarily a self-taught artist." Barbara continues, "I've been in self-study since 2003. I enjoy working with pencils, ink, markers and acrylic paint. My creative focus has been on endangered species and social/political concerns. I have a lot of interests so it's difficult for me to pinpoint a favorite. It's usually things I find in nature. I take solace in the natural beauty that surrounds me. I'm fortunate to live in the countryside and have a great mountain view. Looking at the wonder of nature gives me a sense of peace and joy." As a result of her new-found interest in art, Barbara opened a second website, Off The Cuff Art, where you will find ACEO (Art Cards, Original and Limited Edition) Drawings and Paintings.

Along with being a jewelry maker and artist, Barbara describes herself as "Wife, Mother, Artist, Household Engineer, Independent, Political Minded, Environmentally Concerned." She loves to dance, read, cook, travel and create. "Not necessarily in that order," she says. "The order is subject to change depending on the mood of the day."

When life gets harried, Barbara turns to music. "My music interest is wide and varied. I find classical music very calming. It comes from when I was a kid. A next door neighbor who was an artist played classical music while painting. I think the interaction I had with her, which was always kind and inviting, had a lasting, positive influence on me as far as the arts are concerned."

As for what shoes Barbara wears: "When I'm not barefoot, I'm a sneakers and flat sandals woman. I like comfort, no doubt."

To find out more about Barbara and her work, please visit her shops:

Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs
Off The Cuff Art
Sunfluer's Jewelry Designs on Etsy
Barbara Giordano Art

Her blog is: Sunfluer Designs

Barbara is a member of the following groups:

ARTery Team
Etsy Bloggers Street Team
HoneyBee Helpers Team
Hudson Valley Street Team
Interior Design Team
Visual Artists Street Team


Marionette said...

Great interview! Wonderful art work! I love the shoes "self-portrait"!

Barbara said...


Thank you so much for highlighting my work on your blog. I've added a response on my blog: http://sunfluerdesigns.blogspot.com

Artists helping artists is a wonderful thing!