Saturday, May 31, 2008

Interview with Lynne (ArtByLMR)

One of the first things I do in starting to pull these interviews together is look at people's artwork. Lynne's shop is full of lovely bunny rabbits and balloons, birds and flowers...calm, peaceful, and serene. So it was with great surprise and delight when I checked out her blog and David Bowie's Rebel, Rebel came pouring out of the headphones!

You've got your mother in a whirl
She's not sure if you're a boy or a girl
Hey babe, your hair's all right
Hey babe, let's go out tonight
You like me, and I like it all
We like dancing and we look divine
You love bands when they're playing hard
You want more and you want it fast
They put you down, they say I'm wrong
You tacky thing, you put them on

Rebel, rebel you've torn your dress
Rebel, rebel your face is a mess
Rebel, rebel how could they know?
Hot tramp, I love you so...

I got such a chuckle...this was totally, delightfully not what I expected. Thanks to Lynne, I realized part of why I enjoy these interviews so much is that I get a chance to see...and hear...and read...and learn anew how multi-dimensional people really are. And, so it is with great delight and pleasure I bring you this interview with Lynne, the creative force behind Art by LMR.

"I have always been an artist, of sorts, as long as I can remember." Lynne tells me, "As a kid I used to do pencil drawings of celebrities. My mother still holds on to some work I would rather not see the light of day!"

After being a self-described tech nerd for 20 years, Lynne retired and returned to her first love - art. "I am primarily self-taught," Lynne continues, "but have recently taken some classes at the renowned Munson, Williams, Proctor School of Art in Utica, NY. This has given me the drive and inspiration to continue to better myself and my work."

"I really consider myself an art student more than an artist, because I am always learning and trying new things. I just can't seem to settle on one medium or subject matter. If you look at my shop you will see what I mean." Currently, Lynne works in acrylic, watercolor, color pencil and dabbles in digital art, where her degree in computer science comes in handy. "The one tendency I have is toward small format art. I tend to get lost in a big canvas and can't find my way."

"Lately," Lynne continues, "I have tended towards realism, but who knows where this journey may take me. I can't wait to find out. Maybe someday I will find my niche. It will be exciting getting there, if I ever do."

"Painting and drawing have always been my passion and I try to convey that passion in my work. My teacher and mentor always said that no painting is easy. Creating art can be both frustrating and very very rewarding! One has to love it and I do! I believe that all works of art take a little piece of myself to complete. I am happy to share that piece with you." Lynne has shown her work locally in group shows and sold pieces domestically and abroad. "Luckily," Lynne says with a grin, "hubby has a good job to keep me from starving."

"Without going into a lot of detail," Lynne shares, turning the conversation to the issue of sexual violence, "I was involved in a couple incidents when I was younger that keep this issue in the foreground for me. It is hard not to think about it with all the shows on TV that show these kinds of crimes on a weekly basis. I try not to think of my self as vulnerable, but I know that I am just by being a woman."

"I am inspired by how lucky I am to be able to do what I love. Whatever happens, I will always have my family, friends and love of art. I am inspired by nature and how beautiful it is. I am a person that can sit and watch a sunset or a flock of ducks playing and not feel bored. Nothing is as freeing as being outdoors in the sunshine on a warm day. Summer is so short here in Central NY that we learn to appreciate it even more!"

"I have always had music in my life." Lynne continues, "I have a large collection of vinyl record albums and 45's that I just can't part with. We bought a refurbished jukebox so I can listen to the 45's anytime. Being a child of the 70's, classic rock is my sound of choice, but I listen to folk, classical, and new Rock as well. There is always music playing when I paint. It gets the creative juices flowing!"

As to what shoes Lynne wears: comfortable is the key. "Now that I am out of corporate life, I rarely wear heels. I live in sneakers, sport sandals and flats. I know you said no brand, but this fits as a type as well - easy spirit."

You may learn more about Lynne and her work on her website, blog, Cafe Press Shop and Etsy shop.

Lynne is a member of the following groups:

All About Colored Pencils
Central NY Watercolor Society
OSWOA Artists Group
Rome Art and Community Center
Small Format Art
Visual Artists Street Team

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