Saturday, January 12, 2008

Interview With Klaire (Mystic Silks)

One thing I like about doing these interviews is that, often, I see parts of myself reflected back at me. Reading people's stories for the first time, looking at their creative works, blogs and photos gives me a rare opportunity to share in something profound and understand anew the extraordinary in ordinary people's lives. So it is with my next interviewee.

I met Klaire through specifically through the Visual Arts Street Team where artists from all over the world come together to share ideas and offer encouragement. Klaire's the creative mind, hands and heart behind Mystic Silks.

"My specialty is working in art," she tells me. Klaire has worked with oils, acrylics and watercolors. After taking classes in silk art, however, she decided to develop her skills in that area. "I'm a person who needs to feel in control," A kindred Virgo. "And when I work with the silks and dyes, I give up that need to control. The dyes seem to have a mind of their own!"

Klaire talks about the process of making silk art in an article she wrote for Squidoo. "So you think creating silk art is easy?" she challenges and then goes on to describe her own learning process. Not only do the dyes have a mind of their own the steaming process adds another layer of mystery. "It's a feeling of letting go, and letting God, or the Universe have control! It's trusting the process."

Each of Klaire's hand-designed scarves or paintings is inspired by some muse. "It could be the music I'm listening to, or a photo of something I've taken of nature." Look closely at her work and you'll see many interesting and mysterious forms: butterflies emerging from their cocoons, a wee flower found on the floor of a forest. "Being able to create on silk allows me to express what is awesome, what is beauty in this world."

Klaire knows I've organized the Hope and Healing Project through to raise awareness and funds for Rape Response Services and other organizations supporting victims of sexual violence. "The issue of sexual violence is very important to me." Klaire shared with me, "Because it affects the core, the center of the abused person for life. It diminishes who they are, and who they could become. It leaves an indelible emotional scar on their psyche, takes away their ability to ever trust completely, or wholly."

Klaire offered some insights about how she stays strong when life deals a harsh blow. "I think what inspires me is that God part of me: the part that is made in the image of God. Call it the soul, spirit. It always seems to whisper to me, 'Come on, girl, you can rise above it all. With me, all things are possible.'

Klaire meditates daily and listens to soothing music. She begins each day with the thought "Today is the best day of my life." She enjoys reading uplifting stories of others facing great challenges in their lives who still manage to smile. "Those are my heroes." Klaire also writes poetry, and children's stories. "To create is fun."

Of course, I had to ask the inevitable: what shoes do you wear? "I spent many years wearing high heals to look sexy and appear professional in the business world." Klaire says. "Now, comfort is the game plan. In the winter I wear shoes that offer comfort to my feet." In the summer you'd find her barefooted. "I really believe I'm part Native American--I love being free!"

For more information about Klaire and her business Mystic Silks, visit her photo gallery, blog and shop where each silk creation is a labor of love.

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dianeclancy said...

Hi Janyce and Klaire,

This is a wonderful interview!! Good to get to know both of you more. I will check out hte Squidoo article.

I appreciate your both doing this!

~ Diane Clancy