Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An Interview with Ahna (Lucky Duck Designs)

Okay, I'm going to let you in on a secret. I started this blog, in part, so I could learn from people who I've met over the past couple years. People with quiet wisdom and gentle souls. People who have experienced life--with all its crazy twists and turns--and still retain a positive take on the world. People like Ahna of Lucky Duck Designs.

I've never actually met Ahna, just written back and forth via Etsy convos and yet I feel a connection. She's open, straight-forward and generous with her time and talents.

Lucky Duck Designs is "home to a line of delicate, creative and inspired greeting cards for you to share with loved ones near and far." Each piece is made by Ahna in her sunny south Florida home. "Creating is part of my attempt at balance in my life," Ahna explains. Her professional work is very analytical, so creating with textures and colors and shapes in her spare time is really centering. "Being able to share the product of that time with others makes me so happy."

Ahna's participated in the Hope and Healing project for Rape Response Services all three times it's been on Etsy. So, I asked her why this issue holds such importance.

"I've always felt a connection to those working with issues of sexual violence, even before I became involved myself," she says. "A number of years ago I worked for a small college campus in the Midwest and found myself engaged in many conversations with women who had been through difficult, sometimes horrible, experiences. For some, I was a sounding board; for others, I was an advocate in the campus adjudication process. It was a difficult couple of years, but I developed an immense respect and admiration for these women and their strength."

Ahna currently has in her shop a Hope and Healing card, the sale of which will benefit Rape Response Services. This special card is 3-dimensional and hand-pieced for a unique effect. It's ideal for a romantic occasion, a friend who needs some support, or just to say hello. It comes with a white perfect-fit enveloped. The heart is placed on a shimmery white backdrop for a nice added texture.

When life tosses in some downs along with the ups, Ahna takes inspiration from her partner. "His way of dealing with his own difficulties by staying calm and working to simplify, is really inspiring." Ahna also shares a deep connection to her grandmother, though she died a few years ago. Ahna says of her grandmother, "She was immensely positive toward the world, despite the occasional bump in the road."

One of Ahna's recent favorite books is Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, though books of all kinds bring comfort. "I am so in awe of good fiction writers and poets and what they are able to do with words." She also takes great pleasure in the weekly poems that come to her mailbox from Poet Laureate, Ted Kooser.

Of course, I had to ask Ahna what shoes she wears. Her answer? Socks! "Comfort trumps fashion for me every time," she admits, and, "If I'm at home, you'll rarely find me wearing shoes!"

Ahna's sweet creations may be found on Etsy at Lucky Duck Designs or visit her blog for more great etsy gift ideas.

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