Sunday, July 29, 2007

Welcome to What Shoes I Wear

This quilted wall-hanging is called "Orange Flower and Me" (© 2007 Sojourn Quilts). I'm a fabric artist who enjoys--sometimes quite literally--putting myself into my work! My business is Sojourn Quilts. A "sojourn" is a "resting place along life's journey" and, for me, each piece provides an opportunity to reflect, learn and grow in my understanding of the human condition. I’m intrigued by the emotions behind the events in our lives and how channeling them into a piece of artwork can change and sometimes challenge our preconceptions of the world. Whether the artwork turns out "good" or "bad" is almost beside the point for me. It’s the process that brings me to a broader understanding of both my inner world and the community in which I live. Artistry comes in all forms, shapes and sizes, so for this blog, I’ll be interviewing artists, jewelry makers, writers, songwriters and more. As the title states, this is a place to explore and celebrate how different people find their own special ways of moving through and rising above life's more trying moments. Thanks for taking a peek. I hope you will visit often!--Janyce

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